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Gold Coast Refinery LTD

The Gold Coast Refinery is a Ghanaian registered company and a part of the Euroget Group of companies. The Gold Coast Refinery Ltd was originally registered as Euroget Gold Refinery Ghana Ltd in April 2013, but was renamed Gold Coast Refinery Ltd in March 2015. The Refinery was inaugurated in Accra in November 2016.

Gold Coast Refinery LTD

Ghana is the second largest gold producer in Africa, after South Africa, and thelOth largest in the world. In spite of this remarkable global position, the country continues to remain a primary producer and exporter of raw gold. Policy initiatives aimed at adding value to raw materials in the country have largely not been realised. The continuous export of raw gold (Dore) denies the country of all associated benefits including by-products of refining such as silver, platinum, palladium and copper, and reverses the trends of losing significant amounts of money which should be earned in the country by owners of precious metals The establishment of the Gold Coast Refinery Ltd is an important step in solving the problem of value addition.

Inauguration was done in 11th Nov. 2016) for Capacity of 600KG/Day (shift of 8 hours) (360 Ton fine Gold per year).
Acquisition of a modern Gold Refinery Plant and Machines for instillation for the purpose of refining Gold produced locally & in the sub region

The promoters of Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. possess extensive experience in the Gold Bullion Trading, refining & Gold Jewellery Manufacturing & wholesale. Also they have strong business & entrepreneurial skills & proven track record. This is in combination with EUROGET GROUP Management, will form highly respected group with very good business accomplishment & contribution in the International business world.

EUROGET GROUP HAS STRONG BUSINESS RELATION WITH GOVERNMENT OF GHANA as well successfully set up & operated number of projects in Egypt, China, France, Belgium, Spain & United Kingdom.

GOLD COAST REFINERY Ltd will enter into agreement with all its clients including the governments of West Africa, the first option to purchase or sell on behalf of the clients through the banks whom handle all the sales on behalf of GCR such as Societe General Bank, CAL Bank, First Capital Bank ….etc. For all the quantity refined with the international HALL MARK (99.99 & 99.999).

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