Gold Coast Refinery is the first state of the art Gold Refinery in West Africa and the second largest in Africa , with the capacity of refining up to 480 Kg of gold a day .
Gold Coast Refinery was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of the well-established Euroget Group .

Sustainable Environmental Practices

Gold Coast Refinery deems it a strategic responsibility to ensure its support for legal and sound extractive practices to promote sustainable development. The company takes into consideration the importance of the environment, making use of every raw material and operating under very friendly, safe and healthy conditions. The company has engaged the services of an international firm to develop environmentally sustainable models for skilled craft miners (Small and medium enterprises)

Importance of Gold Coast Refinery

Gold Coast Refinery affords varied opportunities to Ghana and sub-region including.
Putting Ghana on the gold map of precious metal refineries.
Promoting government policy initiatives in value addition and industrialization.
Providing skill enhancement to employees and job opportunities.
Promoting growth in Ghana and supporting government macroeconomic management efforts.
Reducing cost of freight, insurance and security in transporting and exporting raw gold from Ghana and the sub-region for refining abroad.
Ensuring reliability and reducing the time in assaying and refining to release income from sales.
Providing opportunities for the sub-region to enjoy the benefits of by-products from gold refining.